Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Consistently.: Love to Hear from All of You!

Consistently.:Ok here goes this will make two different types of Changeless for me, My name is Cindy Colton and I live at Pat's on the water side :) I have been on Oahu for 8months now :) and love it, I need some consistently in my life as each day is filled with things that keep me busy. but are the best use of my time. We shall see. I love being of service to others I some times forget to get take care of me :) Right now Am in Prove Utah being a grand ma ! to my two grand daughters Hanee and Hara, and boy are they keeping me busy ! I hope to put a picture up later for now I will do good to post each day :) and it will say I am form Jim Ross Photography cause that is our blog :) but its me ! Oh yeah I can't spell very well so please bear with me :)

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Mt, Rainier

Mt, Rainier
the mountain in our back yard of WA